Uncover the secret of the abnormal stock: China's onshore wind power will enter the era of parity in 2021. The concept stock will meet the opportunity, and Smart Optical Electric will hit the limit

2019-05-27 18:55

Today's trend: Zhiguang Electric (002169) hit the limit today, and the stock has risen three times in the past year.

Uncover the reasons for the change: China's onshore wind power will fully enter the era of parity in 2021.

At the noon of June 21, 2016, the company and Zhejiang Sunergy Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. signed the "Letter of Intent for Strategic Cooperation" on June 20, and the two sides will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship around photovoltaic power generation, electricity service, electricity sales and other aspects. Specifically, the two sides will effectively
promote the business development and implementation of the "one-stop photovoltaic solution" in all regions of the South China Grid, and vigorously promote the use of green and clean energy. It is understood that Core Energy Technology (603105) is a full-industry chain company integrating product research and development, production, and development, construction, operation and maintenance of distributed photovoltaic power stations, and has been deeply engaged in the photovoltaic industry for many years.

Aftermarket analysis: The stock hit the limit today, and may continue to move higher in the future.


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