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Heating resistance



The heating resistance is made of a special alloy. The material is Alloy-20. The temperature coefficient of this material is 1100 μ Ω/Ω * K, that is, when the temperature changes by 1 ℃, the change ratio of resistance is 0.0011, and the accuracy is very high. Of course, it is also very sensitive to the current and voltage measured in the line.


At present, there are three kinds of heating plate materials that can be used together with the heat seal controller: Alloy-20, NOREX, and Vacodil. The main difference of the three materials is the difference of their own characteristics and temperature coefficient, of which Alloy-20 is the most economical and commonly used.














Recommended installation size of ROPEX:
Spring device clamp: applicable to heat sealing grid with length of more than 1500mm
Fixture with shaft device: applicable length is 200-1500mm

Size range of ROPEX thermal barrier:
Maximum length of heating area: 7m
Maximum width of heating area: 40mm








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