CIRUS system sealing tool

In order to realize your heat sealing application, ROPEX provides many possible options: in addition to a variety of different versions of standard heat sealing grids, if these heat sealing grids cannot meet your heat sealing requirements, we can also customize different heat sealing grids according to your specific requirements. The ROPEX sealing tool can prevent the interference of detergent or corrosive media (IP65 protection, FS technology), especially in the packaging tasks that are critical to the cleaning and sanitation of tools or machines. Whether you choose our standard strips or customized tools, they must be combined with matching strips in your heat sealing application. All our tools - whether standard or customized - can provide 3D CAD models or 2D installation drawings.



Waterproof heat sealing grid FS series


Waterproof thermal barrier is used under wet or corrosive conditions, for example, if the machine must be cleaned regularly with water or liquid detergent. If the packaged product itself is corrosive (such as salt water, juice, etc.), these heat sealing grids are also applicable. The special coating and sealing contact area shall meet IP65 protection level. The length of the heating wire of the waterproof heat sealing grid is from 100 mm to 500 mm, increasing every 50 mm. They can also provide heating pipelines from 500mm to 1000mm in length, increasing every 100mm. The standard heating line width is 2.8 mm, 4.8 mm and 6.0 mm.


Due to design reasons, there are 1.5 meters long cables in the contact area of the waterproof thermal barrier. All the above combinations of heating wire length and width provide three different cable sockets for easier integration into the machine:
D: Vertical downward outlet of cable
S: The cable runs vertically on the side

L: The outlet of the cable is the extension of the heating line


Standard heat sealing grid GW series


The standard heat sealing grid is UPT heat sealing rod used under normal conditions, that is, it is neither wet nor corrosive.
ROPEX standard size range:
Width: 10mm-15mm
Height: 25-26mm
Length: 100mm-1000mm
Heating width: standard: 2.8mm 4.8mm 6mm,
Customized: 2.8-6mm





Round heat sealing grid


The circular heat sealing grid is used to create a closed, circular sealing joint, for example, if the nozzle needs to be fused into a plastic bag or bag. Tools with 1 inch, 2 inch or 3 inch diameter nozzles are currently available. Other diameters are also available upon request.
















Customized thermal barrier


Precise guiding and fixing of the film is also important for accurate and repeatable temperature control of high-quality thermal seals. To this end, ROPEX provides a variety of complementary components that can best interact with sealing tools. If you need more information, please contact our engineer.


Our sealing tools can also be customized according to your personal requirements. Close cooperation and coordination with customers is very important for us: your sealing tools are designed and manufactured on our CAD system according to the specific parameters of your heat sealing process and the space provided by the machine. Special temperature distribution and overlapping or individually controllable heating lines are possible, and we can also achieve any desired heating line geometry.








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