ROPEX heat seal controller RES-5012

- Support EtherCAT communication protocol (2 RJ-45 interfaces) - Autocal - Autotune - Automatic configuration of secondary current and voltage range (Autorange) - Autocomp - Automatic frequency adjustment - Booster output - 0-10VDC actual temperature analog output - Alarm function with error diagnosis - Optional heating element alloy material and temperature range - Wide voltage range 110... 415V - 8 channels can store different calibration parameters independently - With Micro-USB interface to connect ROPEX visualization software - cULus certification


  The temperature controller RES-5012 is equipped with EtherCAT interface. Through this interface, all functions and parameters can be carried out through the advanced machine controller
Row parameterization. In addition, important controller information can be queried and processed accordingly.
The actual temperature of the heat sealing tape can be output through the EtherCAT interface and analog output 0... 10VDC. Therefore, it can be used on and outside the touch screen of the machine connected with communication
Some display instruments (such as ATR-X) read the actual temperature value.
The RES-5012 has an integrated error diagnosis, which can check external systems (heat sealing tapes, lines, etc.) and internal electronic equipment. In case of failure
Different error messages are output through the EtherCAT interface.
In order to improve operation safety and anti-interference, all EtherCAT signals from the controller and heating circuit are electrically isolated.
Different heat sealing alloy materials (Alloy 20, Vacodil, etc.) can be tested through the coding switch on the temperature controller itself or through the EtherCAT interface
Adjust and set the temperature range to be used (0... 300 ° C or 0... 500 ° C).
The compact design of the temperature controller RES-5012 and plug-in connection terminals make installation and disassembly easier.
Overview of the most important features and functions:
- Easily calibrate the heat sealing tape with Autocal
- There are eight channels that can provide different calibration parameters, allowing switching during the replacement of heat sealing tape
- High control dynamic through AUTOTUNE, automatic adjustment of controlled system
- High flexibility: AUTORANGE function covers the secondary voltage range from 0.4V to 120V and the current range from 30A to 500A
- Automatically adjust the network frequency, ranging from 42HZ to 63HZ
- Wide voltage range, flexible use of 110VAC to 415VAC
- Easy and convenient system diagnosis and process visualization through the freely downloaded software ROPEX visual
- Comprehensive error diagnosis through EtherCAT interface
- Booster output can be used to connect switch amplifier
- Realize high process safety through comprehensive options for evaluating parameter data (such as temperature diagnosis or heating time monitoring)


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