RES&CIRUS system components

RES&CIRUS system components We regard ourselves as the supplier of system solutions in ROPEX. When you purchase the ROPEX sealing system, in addition to the thermal seal and temperature controller, you also need various other system components. Our support team has made a separate dimensional description of these system components and detailed description in the ROPEX application report. The ROPEX application report provides the basis for all ROPEX sealing systems. It contains all important sealing parameters and connection diagrams for your special application, as well as a list of materials or parts, as well as all supplementary components of your system. Our system components are developed on the basis of ROPEX, and their interaction is the best. This ensures absolute reliability and high repeatability of quality.



Current transformer








Current transformer






Linear filter

Linear filter

pulse transformer

Pulse transformer is an important part of the whole system. The power and voltage selection of pulse transformer will affect the performance of the whole heat sealing system. The specification selection of pulse transformer depends on the length, cross section and quantity of heat sealing tape controlled by a system. A system can only have one controller with one pulse transformer.


 In order to improve the accuracy of the temperature, the customer needs to provide the relevant information about the size of the heating plate and the whole system, and then we will feed back the information to the German ROPEX, so that Germany can select the most suitable transformer and issue a ROPEX electrical report.



ROPEX standard size:


Current and voltage measuring twisted pair: 2 x 1.0mm ²


Silicone sheath power cord: 4mm ², 6mm ², 10mm ², 16mm ², 25mm ²


Black skin power cord: 10mm ², 16mm ², 25mm ², 35mm ²

Hot seal cushion



ROPEX standard size:


Silicone pad: 2mm thick, mm wide, hardness 30 °


Insulation layer (Durit): 1mm thick, 12mm wide and 15mm wide


Silicone glass mat (Siglaha): 1mm thick, 12mm wide and 15mm wide
Working temperature: 280 ℃

Cover cloth


ROPEX standard size:
Width: 10mm-100mm
Thickness: 0.13mm, 0.08mm
Width without glue in the middle: 12mm, 15mm

It can also be customized according to customer size.





components the sup2 and transformer of ropex wide pulse size

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