Skoda launched the new iV series electric vehicle and officially entered the era of electrification

2019-05-27 18:54

[CNMO News] Skoda recently displayed two new products in Bratisla: all-electric CITIGoe iV and SUPERB iV plug-in hybrid vehicles. Both vehicles can realize fast charging and long-distance driving, and the price is also very affordable. Users can also personalize the design of their cars by selecting the decoration level and customization options. In addition, the operation of this series is very intuitive, and users can obtain a more comfortable driving experience.
斯柯达推出全新iV系列电动车型 正式进入电气化时代
The launch of sub-brand IV marks the company's official entry into the era of electric vehicles. It is expected that in the next five years, Skoda will invest 2 billion euros to develop electric vehicles and their drive systems and provide new mobile services, such as car sharing platform, which will be the company's largest investment plan so far. By the end of 2022, Skoda plans to launch more than ten electrification models to build iV series products; By 2025, new electric vehicles will account for about 25% of the company's total sales.
In addition, Skoda also plans to enrich its E Mobility services. In addition to various electronic models, it will also create a complete and interconnected ecosystem, which can make its mobile travel service easier to use and as convenient as possible for customers to operate. This includes economical wall-mounted boxes with different power, which can make it convenient for customers to charge their vehicles at home; At the same time, it also includes the Skoda Connect mobile online service, which can provide customers with many services including finding smart charging stations. In the future, the service will also provide the option of reserving the charging station selected by the customer in advance.
It is reported that after these two electric vehicles, Skoda will also launch electric vehicles based on the Volkswagen MEB modular electric vehicle platform in 2020.


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