In 2025, more than 7000 automation equipment will be used in the construction industry

2019-05-27 18:57

[Global Network Technology Comprehensive Report] According to the Daily Mail on May 8, a new report shows that in the next few years, the construction industry will vigorously use robots to achieve faster, more efficient, more reliable security and higher profits.
  Tractica, an artificial intelligence consulting company, said that the construction industry has been relying on artificial labor for a long time, and it is time to make changes. The agency pointed out that the recent adoption of robot technology by some companies could represent the beginning of the growth curve. They predict that by 2025, the value of the construction project that robots replace artificial will reach 226 million US dollars, an increase of 10 times compared with 2018. The demand for robots in the construction industry is mostly for blasting demolition posts on the construction site and more professional 3D printing functions. These robots are classified into infrastructure, structure and completion.

Tractica pointed out that in many industries around the world, productivity has made leaps and bounds. However, due to the lack of technological progress, the construction industry has been stagnant in recent years. The report concluded that "more and more construction companies are using robots to solve the problem of labor shortage and achieve faster, more efficient, more reliable security and higher profits. Robots are beginning to enter various types of construction tasks and are expected to change the traditional way of building family housing, buildings and other infrastructure."

Glenn Sanders, senior analyst at Tractica, said, "At present, the types of robots widely used include blasting demolition, bricklaying, drilling, 3D printing and rebar binding robots, as well as a few robots for lifting." He also pointed out that, "Medium and large companies have begun to use these robots to solve the labor shortage problem, while improving speed, safety and accuracy, and complement each other with building automation and building information modeling."


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