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2019-05-14 17:37


Our expertise - your success

Application support

If you take a close look at the heat sealing system, you will find that it is usually very complex because it is composed of several different components, all of which must interact in the best way. Each of these components has a specific impact on the results. We cannot simply assume that every user has professional knowledge within reach; After all, this technology may only be needed occasionally. ROPEX "Application Support" department can not only help you solve such problems, but also help you solve all customer problems. Our experienced technicians and engineers will provide targeted support at the project development stage and later - if you like, from the initial contact to the commissioning of the complete heat sealing system.

Benefits to you:

  • Effective methods
  • Save time because errors are reduced
  • The whole system is more reliable
  • Single point of contact


Please describe in detail the problem you need to consult, we will arrange the Commissioner to contact you in time